◆appliances ■such as water machin〓es, bean milk makers● and humidifiers."I■ spent four day

s s◆hooting the adver●tisements. It was○ a new acting exper〓ience as most o●f the time, I○ had to perform wi■th something○ that di


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dn't reall●y exist," said Gong◆ Li, "It's○ the first time● I'm seeing the adv〓ertisements, and I 〓think they are be◆autiful.""In f●act, I make bean◆ milk every morning ●when I'm at home,◆" she said.This i◆s the fourth time t◆he 43-year-old ●star has worked with〓 the Chinese whi○te goods


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gian○t. She firs◆t appeared as the fa■ce of Midea in 199○2 in a comm●ercial for ○its air-conditioner●.Home appliance○ tycoon und■er investigation■Beijing polic〓e have confirmed t〓hat home appliance● tycoon, Huang Guan○gyu, is under in■vestigation f○or involvement in "e●conomic crimes." H〓uang has been rep■orted in police■ custody for ○days in conne○ction with● stock market mani■pulation in Ho○ng Kong. Sha◆res in his com●pany, the ●Hong Kong-listed◆ Gome Electr●ical Applia〓nces Holdi○ngs Limited,〓 were suspended on〓 Monday ahead of ■the scheduled● release of ●third-quarter re○sults. A stateme■nt posted on Gome'●s website says the m〓anagement is ver●ifying the reports.● Gome also○ denies having recei◆ved any leg〓al d


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ocuments f●rom any departm■ent concerning Huang〓's case. Hu○ang is als●o a real esta■te investor, a●nd according to the ●2008 Hurun li◆st, the riche●st man on the Mainl●and. Organizers 〓of the Bei〓jing Games ●are going to aucti●on off a bat■ch of used Ol〓ympic items on Septe〓mber 9th. Thi●s set includes fur○niture and hom○e appliances from ●the Olympic media ■village.This◆ second batch of● Olympic items to be◆ auctioned include■s desks, beds, refri■gerators, and other■ pieces of furnit●ure and home applia◆nces. They were ●used by the media on○ly during the Oly●mpic Games● and are alm〓ost new. They also m●eet Olympic st■andards of qu■ality and env■ironmental-fri◆endliness.Liu◆ Xulin, Deput○y Director of● Beijing J■iahe International ◆Auction Co●. sai

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of f◆urniture use wood ■with low-level●s of formaldehyde. T〓hey are environm〓entally-friend◆ly, have no smell, a●nd do not damage○ people's hea○lth. In addi〓tion, they look good●."One Beiji■ng resident s◆aid "Although t●hese items don't■ seem different fr〓om those on t●he street, in〓 20 to 30 years,● they will be■ a ki

nd of Beijing● Olympic so■uvenir."The items 〓are now


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being s◆orted and counted.○ And their o○pening prices w〓ill be fixed a●fter an evaluation■.Xiong Yan, Diect●or of Beijing Eq●uity Exchange ●said "The open●ing prices of ordin◆ary items will be a● little lower ○than new ones.■ After all,○ they're used. Souve〓nirs may be mu●ch more expen■sive, becau〓se they have cultur○al, histo

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●all electric

rical〓 and collectible ●value. They are a ●carrier of ■the Beijing● Olympics ●legacy."Th

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